CollectionachelPlatine limited edition platinum collection watch launched by Vacheron Constantin in 2006, this series welcomed two new members this week, the Traditionnelle weekly date and time display and the Traditionnelle world time wrist table. A few days ago we introduced the Traditionnelle weekly date display, and today we bring you another Traditionnelle world time watch.

The Traditionnelle World Time watch embodies complex functions that are closely related to the history of Genevan watchmaking. As early as 1932, Vacheron Constantin produced the brand’s first watch equipped with World Time functions, enabling the time on 31 watches in 31 different time zones in the world to be read on the same watch at the same time. Since then, Vacheron Constantin has worked hard to perfect this clever and very practical feature.

The complex features of this watch are driven by a self-winding mechanical movement developed by Vacheron Constantin and made of paper, which can display the world’s regions that use a half-hour or fifteen-minute difference from UTC The time in 37 time zones, including time, covers all imaginable areas. The earth pattern in the center of the dial shows day and night. All these functions can be realized through a simple crown adjustment. A patent application has been filed for this exclusive manufactured movement.

This function display area is divided into three parts: the sapphire dial is engraved with a 24-hour scale, and the day and night difference is clear at a glance; the dial made of 950 platinum is applied with a map made of Lambert Projector; a The metal ring shows a fine scale.

Although the construction principle is complicated, the engineer integrates the time and time zone adjustment on the sole crown. The wearer only needs to select the required reference time on the 24-hour digital disc, and adjust the black triangle mark at 6 o’clock. You can use the hour hand or the 24-hour dial to read the standard time in the required time zone, and the other 36 time zones will be displayed at the same time, at a glance. (Picture / Text Watch House Xiao Sen)