Historiques Aronde 1954 watch has attracted attention with its original rectangular case. This new Historiques collection combines bold style with novel designs inspired by styles created in the post-war and peace years. The machine-engraved dial is a long-time gift of Vacheron Constantin to Métiers d’ Art. Like other watches in the same series, the Historiques Aronde 1954 watch has sculptural lines and is only produced in limited quantities.
   Creativity has been the slogan of Vacheron Constantin for the past 250 years. Throughout the history of this watch manufacturer based in Geneva, its watch works have proven its ability to combine boldness and innovation, technological breakthroughs and aesthetic choices. Production in 1954 is further evidence of this timeless creative zeal.
   As Vacheron Constantin’s iconic product series, the Historiques historical masterpiece series reinterprets the classic and legendary watch design in a modern way, and renews the historic watch works of excellent manufacturing technology.
  Historiques Aronde 1954 watch perfectly illustrates this request. This watch features a rectangular case that is rare in existing models. It inherits the extraordinary characteristics of a 1954 watch by Vacheron Constantin, a 31.2 mm x 44. 55 mm pink gold case. , Fully explained the upsurge of post-war innovation. The structure is complex and precise, and the surface is polished and polished.
  ‘Aronde’ means ‘swallow’s wings’ in ancient French. The side surface of the watch case has a creative double-arch curved design, which looks like a double wing. It is complemented by a curved sapphire crystal, so And got its name. The cream-white silver-plated dial is exquisite and elegant, decorated with exquisite hand-engraved patterns, which reflects the art of watchmaking inherited from Vacheron Constantin. structure.