In recent years, breakthroughs in watch case materials have become more and more obvious, and more and more black technology, from the original ceramics, titanium metal, carbon fiber, to the sapphire that is now popular, let The traditional stereotype of watches has changed a lot. Sapphire is a very popular but scarce case material in recent years. This is not because sapphire is scarce, but because it is very difficult to process the case into sapphire, resulting in scarcity of sapphire case. However, you can see this article, which shows that you also have good luck. Hublot launched a Big Bang Unico watch with a transparent sapphire case earlier this year. We just arrived at the Hublot Oriental Xintiandi flagship store on the day We don’t know beforehand, so if you are interested, you should hurry up. Don’t chase too many people like this ‘artifact’, and the number is also good, I will tell you later.

   Hublot’s innovation ability is beyond doubt. From the design of the case and the use of new materials to the excellent cross-border cooperation, Hublot obviously stands at the forefront of the world’s watchmaking field. If RM is the standard for the super rich , Then Hublot is your pass to promote you to the rich list. Some brands are just a brand, others are a circle. Closer to home, Hublot actually released a lot of watches with transparent gem cases this year, of which the very special is of course the Ferrari cooperation model and tourbillon model. Today, this one is obviously a ‘friendly’ version of all Hublot transparent case watches.

   This watch was launched during this year’s Geneva watch exhibition. Although Hublot did not participate in SIHH, Hublot did not stop launching new products. The case was made of sapphire, which was highly transparent, coupled with the central dark gray movement and dial surface. There are white luminous scales and hands, and a semi-hollowed-out dial surface, which has a strong sense of technology. We all know that sapphire is very hard, second only to diamonds. Because of this, it is very difficult to process, so that many brands are not watches that do not want to produce sapphire cases, but they are not able to produce, because the processing is difficult, so the cost It is also high, which will inevitably lead to a very high price, coupled with its strong sense of technology, which is inconsistent with the positioning of many brands. Therefore, there are only a few brands with sapphire cases.

   Big Bang Unico sapphire watch is limited to 500 pieces, this one is the 160th one, this number is not bad. The watch is also a multi-piece structure unique to Big Bang. The interesting thing is that the sapphire surface of the case and bezel has been polished, and the permeability is very good. You can fully see the skin on the wrist without wearing it. Reflective. The bezel is fixed with titanium screws, and the crown and timing buttons are also made of frosted titanium.

   The lugs are made of synthetic resin and equipped with Hublot’s patented detachable structure. Just press the ladder button on the lugs to remove the strap. Similarly, the strap has a grooved interface. The connecting piece has a circular rod-shaped groove at the bottom. When the strap connecting piece is inserted into the detachable structure, the internal round shaft will be embedded in the groove. It is actually not difficult to fix the strap. The difficulty is the original Design and conception. This system is very convenient to use and matches the overall design of the case.

   The watch is equipped with Hublot’s self-made UNICO HUB124 self-winding chronograph movement with a column wheel clutch system. It is worth mentioning that the watch’s chronograph operation feels very light, and the operation of pressing the chronograph and returning to zero is easy and bright. The whole movement is plated in black, which contrasts with the transparent sapphire case, highlighting the uniqueness of high-tech watchmaking.

  The watch is equipped with a rubber strap with folding buckle, which is comfortable to wear and operate.

Summary: When all the watches are metal, ceramic, composite materials, your watch is transparent, everything at this time is self-evident. If you are interested in this watch, or if you just want to experience the special characteristics of this watch, you can go to the Hublot store. There are also a lot of very surprising watches in the store. You will have a complete understanding of traditional watchmaking. Not the same.

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